Jackdaw City Rollers in Division 1



After the success on our homebout in June, we decided to enter the Division 1-series!

Division 1 – here we come! Do you wanna see us play? Save these dates: Norrköping 17-18/10, Karlstad 12-13/12, Västerås 23-24/4. Do you wanna join our fan club and cheer for us, sing team songs, hang out with cool people and generally be jackdawesome? Then join/like “Jackdaw city support” on Facebook! image

Try Roller Derby with Jackdaw City Rollers




Come and try roller derby with Uppsala’s own Jackdaw City Rollers! No previous experience needed! All of us were like Bambi when we started too! If you have always wanted to be part of a roller derby team or have just recently found out about us then this is your chance!

There are TWO optional days for trying this amazing sport out:

MONDAY 14/9 @ 18.00 Celsiusskolans idrottshall


THURSDAY 17/9 @ 20.00 Johannesbäckskolans idrottshall


Also, if you wanna watch a basic practice, you can join us to Johannesbäckskolan after the intake on Monday 14/9 where we’ll show you! If you fall in love with the sport, the cool people, the feeling of having a new family, the glitter, the sweat…… you can join our fresh meat practices straight away after!

We welcome all genders, from 18 years of age. Women and trans players can join our bouting (competing) team. Men are welcome to join practices too and would also be super appreciated as referees or non skating officials. We will provide all necessary training, if you wanna be involved this way.

During our 10 week “Fresh Meat program” you’ll learn the foundations of roller derby and you’ll get all the necessary tools to pass the minimum skills test. And then, you can be a skater in our team games! Or a referee! You will learn transitions, advanced stopping techniques, basics of blocking and jamming plus the beginnings of advanced strategy.

If this is all questionmarks right now – don’t worry! We will explain it all! :)

Wait a minute! What’s roller derby? Read a short description here and check the video clip: http://wftda.com/resources/rollerderby101

Follow Jackdaw City Rollers on:

Facebook –> http://www.facebook.com/uppsalarollerderby
Instagram –> Jackdawcityrollers
Website –> http://www.uppsalarollerderby.se

Thank you!

We would like to thank all of our lovely sponsors on our first home-bout! We had an amazing game, and we are very grateful for all your support and help!



Ekotrollet café



Uppsala Kommun


Mind X Media



Derby Love! //Jackdaw City Rollers

Minimum skills test done!


Minimum skills test done!

In Roller Derby you have to pass the minimum skills test to be able to compete. This awesome gang did the test in february and our club just keeps getting bigger and better! Yeay! Also nice to have two skaters from Gävle with us on this fine evening!

Congratulations to everyone who passed! To everyone else, keep practicing and you’ll get there soon!

Derby love!

/Jackdaw city rollers

Tryout on Feburary 9!


Start rolling with the Jackdaw City Rollers, the best derby team in Uppsala! We welcome future players, referees and NSOs (Non-Skating Officials)!

We invite you to join us and try it out at Liljeforsskolan on Monday, February 9th, 2014 at 6 pm. We provide skates, pads and helmets. We’ll tell you about the sport, our team and you’ll get to skate! No previous experience is needed.

To see what Roller Derby is all about; please check out these links:
Svenska skridskoförbundet
The basics of flat track roller derby – WFTDA (video)

Sounds interesting? Please visit the event page on Facebook, tell us you will attend and please tell us your shoe size.

If you are not a Facebook user, leave a comment below with your shoe size or send us an e-mail at info[at]uppsalarollerderby.se!

Derby love!
/Jackdaw city rollers